Let’s Cycle in Greece!

Zagori & Konitsa

This e-bike trip is the best choice for anyone who wants to get to know the region of Zagorochoria and Konitsa by cycling in unique and rare landscapes…


This excursion is the best choice for a short trip to Zagori, getting to know some of the most famous and beautiful places in the area, such as…


A wonderful 3-day excursion that includes the most popular parts of Tzoumerka explored on electric bikes on routes with breathtaking views…

Our traditional picnics

What’s better than leaving the bike and a table full of homemade traditional dishes and local drinks awaiting you? We believe that there is no better way to experience the culture of a region than to try the local traditional flavors and interacting with locals. On all our tours, whether one-day or multi-day, we offer very well-prepared and well-prepared traditional picnics which have now become a very popular “surprise” among our customers. And of course we are more than sure that you too will agree that our picnics are “the icing on the cake” of your travel experience with us.


A 2-day getaway to the beautiful town of Konitsa that includes a wonderful cycling route overlooking the Tymfi mountain range…

Balta di Stringa

Our best selling one-day excursion is not accidental. Our e-cycling in fantastic…

Ioannina Lake Tour

One of the most famous and most beautiful cycling routes in Greece. The tour of…


A one-day excursion that starts and ends at the most famous stone bridge of the area…


A short excursion that starts from the martyr village of Asprangeloi…

10 reasons to choose BIKEWISE for your holidays

1. High quality e-bikes
We provide high quality electric bikes with long battery life so that every journey can be enjoyed tirelessly
2. Certified bike guides
In all our tours there is always an experienced certified bicycle guide-companion to solve anything that arises
3. Traditional homemade picnics
On each of our excursions we stop and sit at a table with traditional home-made dishes and drinks of each region
4. Travelers insurance
We provide travelers insurance on all our tours
5. Luggage transport
You don't have to think about carrying your luggage. We undertake their safe transport from place to place
6. Detailed and carefully planned itineraries
All our excursions (program & routes) are detailed and carefully thought out so that you can get to know each area in the best possible way and enjoy your vacation
7. Support vehicle & bike trailer
The support car with the special bicycle trailer accompanies on each route
8. Additional equipment
If necessary, we provide you with additional cycling equipment, apart from the basic one
9. All travel services
We are a licensed travel agency so we can cover any other travel service you may need
10. Everyone can join us
We address people who simply like cycling, so that anyone can participate in our tours
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On this excursion we visit the southern side of Tzoumerka. We have the opportunity to admire amazing landscapes and…


We organize a short getaway to favorite places and routes on the island of Lefkada with its wonderful beaches…


Don't listen to us,

listen to our guests!

Based on 73 reviews
שי ר
שי ר
3 September 2023
if you were thinking of taking a trip in northern Greece....don't give Bikewise .ועל החוויה איתם Bikewise רוצה להמליץ לכם בחום על הציוד חדיש ואיכותי, המסלול שעשינו היה מדהים וחוויתי ולמרות אורכו מתאים גם למשפחות בשל המנוע החשמלי שמסייע. הפיקניק המדהים במקום מדהים שעשינו….יחד איתם כמובן והקפיצה למפל הקפוא. מעבר ליום המקסים שחווינו כמשפחה אני רוצה לתת מילה טובה לאנשים שם. החוויה היא לגמרי מפגש עם אנשים מדהימים. כל מדריך שליוה אותנו היה אישיות בפני עצמה…האכפתיות, המקצוענות, היחס האישי, הרצון האמיתי שהכל יהיה מושלם. Bikewise אם חשבתם לעשות טיול בצפון יוון….אל תוותרו על שי would like to warmly recommend you the experience of traveling with the e-bike company "Bikewise" The is modern and high quality equipment , the route we did that was amazing and experiential and despite its length is also suitable for families due to the electric motor that helps. The amazing picnic in the amazing place that we did....together with them of course... and the jumping into the frozen waterfall. Beyond the lovely day we experienced as a family, I want to give a good word to the people there. The experience is completely a meeting with amazing people. Each guide who accompanied us was a personality in...the care, the professionalism, the personal attitude, the true desire for everything to be perfect. if you were thinking of taking a trip in northern Greece....don't give Bikewise
Νάσια Α
Νάσια Α
1 September 2023
Η ΚΑΛΥΤΕΡΗ ΕΜΠΕΙΡΙΑ ΜΕ ΠΟΔΗΛΑΤΑ! Η εμπειρία μας με τα ποδήλατα στα Τζουμέρκα ήταν κάτι το μοναδικό. Σε δυο κιόλας μέρες, είδαμε τόσα πολλά χωριά και μέρη με τον πιο διασκεδαστικό τρόπο! Τα τοπία ήταν μαγευτικά, οι υπηρεσίες που μας δόθηκαν εξαιρετικές. Τα παιδιά , ο Λευτέρης και η Χάρα είναι επαγγελματίες με όρεξη και διάθεση να προσφέρουν το καλύτερο!!! Αξέχαστη εμπειρία!!
Yossi Z
Yossi Z
11 August 2023
E-bike tour We went on a full day trip Two families with 5 kids ages 9-17 It was an amazing experience in a beautiful view with a surprising picnic with local quality products at the end. Lefteris and Chara we're very kind and attentive and gave high priority to safety. We highly recommend a trip withBijewise. מומלץ בחום !!
8 August 2023
Amazing bike tours not to be missed. 5th to the 9th of May. Cycle tour of Zagori Tour of Zagori 5th to the 9th of May I had started writing a detailed description of the tour that we carried out on the bikes into Zagori between the 5th and the 9th of May. So impressed were we on the completion of that tour that I had just finished my first complete page of my review and realised that it would be very long and that I should shorten It. The bottom line is that we had the most astonishing time. The scenery was beautiful, the information that our guide (Lefteris) gave us was extremely detailed and interesting. It was absolutely clear to us that he had a great pride in his local area and the penultimate stop on this tour was in his local town. I had made the misconception of thinking that riding in central Greece would be a very dry and dusty place. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have visited the Grand Canyon in Arizona and the scenery that we saw during our tour, there was by far and away more spectacular than that. Every day on the tour was planned with great precision and our stopping point were always extremely interesting. Coupled with that every day lunch was provided for us and I have to say it was always incredible. Home-made food produced and laid out beautifully and incredibly scenic places. We could not have wanted for more. Every night we stayed in a different accommodation and each and everyone of them had its own individual character. Once again, we could not have chosen better places to stop. Every night we were taken out to a local restaurant and bar and the food that we ate during our four days was simply delicious. The silver lining around this particular cloud was that we did not have to pay for any of it and it was incorporated into our tour. As such the tour itself was incredibly good value and we are looking forward to going back to Greece again and do a different tour in another location. We cannot recommend the two are highly enough. We are also completely converted on the idea of E bikes! . Even though we did basically incredible climbs up mountains, the fact that we were on an E bike made it, whilst not very easy, easy enough that even though we had not ridden for a while, doing amazing climbs in the mountains was easily achievable. Our guides, Lefteris and Chara were simply delightful, and every day in the company was a great pleasure. I would not hesitate to recommend this cycling tour to anybody. If I had to give it a rating it would be a massive 5 stars and we cannot wait to do it again.
14 August 2022
IMPERDIBILI!!! Hara e Lefteris sono fantastici!! Organizzatori perfetti, simpatici e competenti. Consigliamo il giro in bici per conoscere luoghi magici .
13 August 2022
Such a perfect day We spent a wonderful day in Zagoi area, riding from a village to another village, trekking and swimming in a beautiful waterfall. We enjoyed everything: the delicious picnic, the ride under the rain and under the sun, the walk the fall, the visit of the open air museum. Lefteris and Chara are so good in organizing the trips, explaining things and telling the stories and they have a good heart. You can’t loose an experience like this. ❤️
i love to ski
i love to ski
27 July 2022
Highlight of our trip to Epirus Who says that Greece is just beaches and archeological sites? Booked a trip with Lefteris and Hara via their site and must say from the beginning they went out of their way to put together the best excursion for us. They were helpful, accommodating, sensitive to our needs and extremely thoughtful. Excellent communication in planning our trip was the key. They both met us at the beginning of the tour , went through the plan of the day and were open to questions. We had a wonderful time biking with Lefteris for a bit less than 40 km with the help of the e bikes provided Had coffee and lemonade in Papigo and ended the tour with an excellent lunch on the next to river.( the pictures is of our hosts) Top notch, we couldn’t have expected better Highly recommended and a must !
Lena D
Lena D
16 July 2022
Amazing experience We booked the ride from Kaoesovo village to the waterfalls near Iliohori waterfalls. Lefteris and Hara were very friendly and helpful. The itinerary was fantastic, the bikes brand new and the pick nick at the end of our journey the "cherry on the cake"... Thank you guys, see you in our next trip to Zagorohoria
12 July 2022
Vélo Zagoria Très belle expérience, le matériel est au top, les organisateurs sont attentifs à chacun et très sympathiques. Excursion vivement conseillée qui permet de découvrir cette région autrement.
7 July 2022
Randonnée Nous avons veçu une super aventure. Organisation très professionnelle. Matriel de très bonne qualité. À refaire sans modération.????????????????


Rental Terms

In order to ensure that you know exactly what our (and your) responsibilities are, please read the following terms and conditions.

  1. General terms of renting a bicycle
    • Driver’s minimum age: 15 years (with parental consent)
    • Minimum rental duration: up to four (4) hours
    • Payment policy: the rental of a bicycle is paid by cash or card or by deposit to one of the company’s bank accounts before the receipt
    • Equipment: Along with the delivery of the bike, the “Bikewise” company also delivers the necessary safety equipment (helmet, etc.) to the lessee with a strong recommendation to use it.
    • Receipt – deliveries: only from the shop “Bikewise” after agreement with a fee schedule.
    • In special occasions, the “Bikewise” company reserves the right to replace any type of bicycle with another one of the same categories
    • The terms and the prices can be modified without warning.

2. Renter’s obligations

    • The renter must make available to the company his personal identity details, his place of residence before receiving the bicycle.
    • The renter agrees to provide BIKEWISE the amount of 50€ per 2 bikes for precautionary use only and will be returned after the end of the bike tour.
    • The renter must check the bicycle before receiving it.
    • The renter, if he checks and receives the bicycle, means that he found it in good condition and to his liking.
    • The renter must ride the bike respecting the rules and obligations outlined in Greece’s laws, as well as committing himself/herself:
      • Based on the Greek Traffic Code, drinking alcohol and using a mobile phone while driving any vehicle is prohibited.
      • Not to adjust or manipulate the mechanical parts of the bicycle.
      • To park the bike in a manner that is safe for pedestrians and in a place where theft is minimized (e.g. no dark alleys).
      • To return the bike to the “Bikewise” company at the time and date indicated on the contract. A late return will be charged according to extra time the bicycle was used (for example, you rent for 1 day (20€) but return the bike the next day, you will charged 20€ extra.
    • In the case of mechanical malfunction, the renter must immediately notify the leasing company.
    • The renter shall return the bicycle and accompanying equipment to the leasing company in the same good condition he/she received it.
    • The renter must lock the bicycle each time it is left unsupervised.
    • The renter is wholly responsible for every accident, every damage or theft (partial or total) provoked to the rented bicycle.
    • The renter pays to the company the amount of the damage regardless of his liability.
    • The renter explicitly agrees that the company “Bikewise” is not responsible for any damage incurred to the renter, or a third person during the rental period and no claim can be made against the company in case of an accident.
    • The renter agrees that he/she will release the “Bikewise” company from any and all responsibility of liability for injuries or damages to the user of the equipment listed on this form or to any other person. The client accepts for full responsibility for the care of this equipment and thereby agrees to freely and expressly assume and accept any risks and all injury to the user of this equipment while bicycling.

3. Repairs and maintenance
In case of a breakdown, don’t abandon the bicycle. You should contact us immediately to arrange for the exchange of a bicycle of equivalent or superior quality. All repairs needed as a result of the use of the equipment including all parts, shall be paid by the renter.

4. Cancellation Policy
If a scheduled rental is cancelled due to poor weather conditions such as heavy rain, customers may reschedule their booking for another date. In all other cases of cancellation, credit/refund will be available to customers that only notify us via email or telephone at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled rental.

5. Governing Law & Jurisdiction
These Terms will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Greece, and you submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts located in Greece for the resolution of any disputes.

6. Confirmation of Acceptance
By renting a bike or participating in a tour, you are acknowledging that you have read our terms and conditions and that you agree to be bound by them.

Terms of Service

Bike Tours

1.“Bikewise” company’s participation terms in the bike tour
The bike tours organized by “Bikewise” company are suitable for people of all ages & physical condition. The distance, the elevation, the itinerary and more details are briefly described in the sections of bike tour program. The additional benefits offered in the context of bike tours (eg picnic, meal, accommodation, etc.) are determined by the organizing company and cannot be modified by the participants. Please let us know about any special dietary habits, allergies etc.

 All underage participants who are under 18 years old are able to participate under their guardians’  responsibility and need to be accompanied by them.

The only prerequisite for all the participants for their participation in the bike tour is their good mental and physical health, their will to cooperate with other participants and to follow the rules as they are being set by the organizers/ escorts. In the event that a participant does not comply with the rules of the organizers/ escorts, then the “Bikewise” company reserves the right to either stop the excursion or expel the participant who creates a problem without paying compensation fee on her part.

Any health problems on behalf of the participants should be referred, given that each one is the only responsible for his/her health, his/ her participation in every bike tour organized by “Bikewise” company.

The participant is obliged to check the bike before receiving it, if he/she checks and receives the bike it means that he/she found it in good condition and to his/her liking. Participant will return the bike and accompanying equipment to the company in the same good condition as received.

The participant is fully responsible for any accident, any damage or theft (partial or total) caused to the bike and is obliged to pay the amount due to the company for the damage to the bike regardless of its fault.

Minors or adult participants are fully responsible for the safekeeping of their personal items-equipment during the bike tour.

The participants are responsible to sign up on time and also to make their deposit on time to secure their reservation.

2. Awareness and acceptance of objective risks
Participants are aware and accept any possible risks that such bike tour/ might have and are aware of the risk of their transition through central and ring roads. Participants are advised to have undergone physical examinations relatively recently. On behalf of “Bikewise” company, the organizing company, will not be asked a medical certificate, given that all participants are participating under their own and exclusive responsibility and they declare the above. It is the sole responsibility of the participants to get to and from the starting and ending points of the bike tour and the organizer bears no responsibility whatsoever. However, in the event that a participant does not have a means of transportation to and from the starting and ending points of the bike tour, he/she may, after contacting the company “Bikewise”, request his/her transportation.
In the event that one of the participants wishes to stop and withdraw from the cycling excursion after it has started, he/she is not entitled to compensation regardless of the reason for his/her withdrawal.

3. Technical Briefing
Before the start of each bike tour, all the details are presented and safety instructions are provided that participants are required to follow and a detailed technical briefing is carried out, as well as the necessary safety equipment is provided to the participants. Attendance is the sole responsibility of the participants. The bike tour will not start unless all participants are wearing the necessary safety equipment.

4. “Bikewise” company’s responsibility
“Bikewise” company being the organizing company of bike tours is obliged to provide the most intact and safest equipment, which meets the international specifications, to secure the most intact planning for safe routes, to provide experienced and trained escorts, to inform the participants for any possible risk estimation.
The organizing company is not responsible for possible injuries or any health damage caused to the competitors or possible health problems or death owed to lack of preliminary health checks or to fall off the participant.

The organizing company disclaims any responsibility relative to:

    • the physical integrity of the participants, who are obliged to behave responsibly throughout the race.
    • possible injuries of anyone that participates in the bike tour under any role (viewer, escort, agent).
    • to any loss or destruction of material and is not responsible for possible damages of any type of equipment before, during and after the bike tour.
    • financial issues for any case and for any of the participant, or any other person under any other role.

5. Bike Tour amendment – postponement- cancellation on behalf of the organizing company
“Bikewise” company, preserves the right to amend the route, to postpone the bike tour for a short period of time or to transfer them on another date or to cancel them in cases when matters of security or for reasons of force majeure, like natural destruction, unsuitable weather conditions, strikes, other abnormalities arise.In cases of cancellation of the bike tour on behalf of the organizing company, the total sum of the participation fee that was deposited by the participant will be refunded. The last is not applicable for any other claims.

6. Insurance cover
“Bikewise” company provides all participants with simple civil liability insurance.

7. Video coverage and use of the picture or other material
“Bikewise” company, has the right to use any photograph or video irrespective of the participants that appear in this material. Before the start of the bike tour, there is made a presentation and a thorough technical briefing. In the event that you do not wish for such a thing, please inform us in writing.

8. Advanced Payment – Cancellation policy
In case someone wishes to reserve a large number of seats for a bike tour (5 seats or more) an advance payment of 50% of the cost of the bike tour is required for each participant.
If you wish to cancel your tour, you can call us or contact us via the contact form.
Please note that in case you are canceling the booking, the following policy applies:
100% refund 30 days in advance
80% refund 29-20 days in advance
50% refund 19-7 days in advance
0% refund less than 7 days in advance
If service is canceled by “Bikewise” company you will be offered an alternative date/time/location.
If you don’t agree to the offered alternate date/time/location, you will receive a 100% refund.
“Bikewise” company l preserves the right to amend the route, to postpone the bike tour for a short period of time or to transfer them on another date or to cancel them in cases when matters of security or for reasons of force majeure, like natural destruction, unsuitable weather conditions, strikes, other abnormalities arise.
In cases of cancellation of the bike tour on behalf of the organizing company, the total sum of the participation fee that was deposited by the participant/cyclist/competitor will be refunded. The last is not applicable for any other claims.

9. Governing Law & Jurisdiction
These Terms will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Greece, and you submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts located in Greece for the resolution of any disputes.

10. Acceptance of above terms of participation
The participants of the bike tour declare that they accept the present terms and are obliged to follow them.